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1.      actually / now
Please can we go home_________________ ?
It looks quite small, but__________________ it is over 5 metres high.
2.      advice / advise
My grandfather gave me a very useful piece of__________________ .
I_________________ you to put all your money into a deposit account.
3.      affect / effect
The cuts in spending will have a serious__________________ on the hospital.
The strike will seriously__________________ the train service.
4.      already / yet
I haven't seen her_________________ this morning.
I've_________________ done my shopping.
5.      afraid of / worried about
I am____ snakes.
She's_________________ the baby; he doesn't look very well.
6.      avoid / prevent
The police will_________________ anyone from leaving the building.
You should travel early to _________________  the traffic jams.
7.      beside / besides
Come and sit down_________________ me.
_________________ managing the shop, he also teaches in the evening.
8.      bring / fetch
It's your turn to__________________ the children from school.
Don't forget to__________________ the books to school with you.
9.      chance / possibility
Our team has a good _______________  of winning tonight.
There is always the _______________  that the plane will be early.
10.  channel / canal
You can take a boat trip around the _______________  s of Amsterdam.
Can you switch the television to _______________  4 for the news?
England and France are separated by the______________ .
11. conduct / direct                                                                                                                                     a
Von Karajan will_______ the Berlin Symphonic Orchestra at the concert.
It took two policemen to ______ the traffic.
12. continuous / continual
She has been in_______ pain for three days.
I am getting fed up with her______ complaints.
13. driver / chauffeur
The ________ brought the Rolls Royce to the hotel's main entrance.
He's got a job as a bus______ .
14. formidable / wonderful
They had a _______ holiday by a lake in Sweden.
The castle is surrounded by______ walls and gates.
15. fun / funny
I didn't have much_______ on my birthday.
He made _______ faces and made the children laugh.
16. go / play
Shall we________ jogging or swimming?
Neither. Let's_______ tennis.
17. come along with / follow
Would you like to _______ me to the cinema tonight?
Make sure the dog doesn't _____ me to the shops.
18. harm / damage
Don't ________ my sunglasses if you borrow them.
He didn't mean to_______ your little girl.
19. invent / discover
Did Alexander Fleming______ penicillin?
When did she _______ the new computer terminal?
20.  job / work
He goes to________ every day on his bicycle.
She's got a________ in the supermarket.
21.  kind / sympathetic
You should always be_______ to little children.
I'm very________ to her problems.
22.  lay / lie
I'm very tired; I'll just go and_____ down for a few minutes.
My father is going to_______ a new carpet in the dining room.
23.  lend / borrow
Can I ________ you car to go to the shops?
He asked me if I would ______ him £5 till Monday.

24. nature / countryside
We must try to protect__
The English________ is beautiful in spring.
her driving test three times before she was able to

26. practice / practise
You need more____
Don't forget to____
, before you're ready to take the exam. . your phrasal verbs.

27. priceless / valueless
Be very careful with that painting; it's_______
Her jewels were all imitations; they were quite
28. principal / principle
She refuses to eat meat on_______ .
The_________ wants to see you in her office.
The country's________ products are paper and wood.
We talked about the________ s of nuclear physics.
29. raise / rise
Does the sun________ in the east or the west?
The airline are going to________ their fares again next year.
30. recipe / receipt
Goods cannot be exchanged unless a sales______ is shown.
I gave her an Indian________ book for her birthday.
31. remember / remind
Would you_________ me to finish early tonight?
Did you_________ to switch off the kitchen light?
32. scenery / view
I adore the beautiful________ in the Lake District

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