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v Learning foreign languages
§ the importance of foreign languages in our life
§ how foreign languages help businessmen, scientists, people of art , etc.
§ why you have been learning English

v The Internet
§ the role of the Internet in our life
§ how often you use the Internet
§ what you use the Internet for

v English holidays
§ enumerate the main holidays traditionally celebrated in England
§ choose a holiday sand give its characteristic
§ say if English and Russian holidays have common features

v Healthy life style
§ what healthy life style is for you
§ if it is popular among youngsters and why
§ if you can strictly follow it in your everyday life? Why/why not.

v Shopping
§ which is the best way of going shopping in your place of living
§ what the usual departments in a department store are
§ on-line shopping(advantages and disadvantages)
$ how often you go shopping for food, where you do that and why there exactly

v Family
§ who your family consists of
§ what relations you have got in your family
§ how spend your weekends
§ what duties you have got in your family

v Spare time
§ what activities you usually do
§ who you spend your time with
§ which one is your favorite
§ if your parents share your interest or not
§ what you are planning to do the next weekend

v Mass media in our life
§ which kinds of mass media you know
§ which you use in your life
§ your favorite TV programmes
§ what newspapers or magazines you read
§ whether you can trust information we get from Mass media

v Pollution
§ what kinds of pollution we have got
§ which kinds you think is more dangerous
§ what you think about recycling
§ what the situation in your city is
§ whether you can trust all the information about this problem

v Education
§ the main facts about education in Russia
§ the main facts about education in GB
§ the main facts about education in the USA
§ the similarities and differences in the systems of education
$ what are your plans after finishing the ninth form

v Sport
§ why people do sports
§ what kinds of sports there are
§ the main international sports events
§ whether you do sports or not
§ what you find more interesting doing sport or watching it

v Travelling
§ Why people travel
§ Kinds of travelling and their characteristics
§ How often you travel and where to
§ Whether you like travelling or not and why
§ What the last holiday you had is

v The world of science and technology
§ Science (definition). The branches of science.
§ The most urgent scientific problems.
§ Space exploration.
§ The most important invention and discoveries in the history of Man.

v Professions
§ Different areas people can work
§ Qualities which are needed to work in different areas
§ The career ( a sphere) you have chosen
§ Qualities needed for it and where you have them

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