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Animal idioms


STUDENT A’s QUESTIONS (Do not show these to student B)

1)Does your teacher ever have to badger you to get your homework?
2)Who is the black sheep of your family and what is it about them that is so bad?
3)Did you ever cry wolf when you were young, and then no one believed  your stories?
4)Who really annoys you and gets your goat? Why do they get your goat?
5)What do you think of road hogs? How can the police stop their bad manners and dangerous driving?
6)Have you ever been a guinea pig and let someone test something on you?
7)Do you always take the bull by the horns and make strong decisions?
8)Has your government ever wasted money on a white elephant – a project that was a really, really bad idea that no one used?
9)Did you have a piggy bank as a child? Did you smash it?
10)Has anyone made a monkey out of you and made you look foolish?



STUDENT B’s QUESTIONS (Do not show these to student A)

1)When was the last time you had a whale of a time? What was so great about it
2)What was the last thing you did in two shakes of a lamb’s tail?
3)Do you believe that a leopard cannot change its spots? Are you flexible?
4)Have you ever seen a sporting competition with a strong and weak team – like lambs to the slaughter?
5)Do you usually manage to get or end up with the lion’s share of something? Is this good or bad?
6)Are you a lone wolf or do you like being with other people?
7)Do you agree that the 9-to-5 lifestyle is a rat race?
8)When was the last time you were so hungry you wolfed your food down in a few seconds?
9)Are you good at smelling a rat and noticing suspicious things?
10)Do you always go the whole hog and do, buy, eat… everything possible?

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