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Preparing for the exam 8-1, 8-2 (2012/2013)

Topics (points to cover)

1. Family relations

- general information about your family
- about yourself and  your relations with other members of your family
- description of every member of your family in detail
- he way  you spend your free time and holidays

2. Describing appearance

- why appearance is important
- describe any of your friends
- what features of character are important and why
- what features of your character you’d like to change or have

3. Hobbies and Pastime

- why people should have a hobby
- general information about hobbies (types
- your hobby(hobbies)
- other ways of spending  free time

4. Reading books

- importance of reading
- the history of books and publishing
- the future of reading
- your preferences in reading

5. Shopping

- what is shopping
- types of shops
- other types of shopping (pluses and minuses)
- the way you and your family do the shopping

6. School life and Holidays

- about your school
- your favourite and least favourite subjects at school
- after classes activities
- the way you spend school holidays

7. Learning a foreign language

- importance of learning a foreign language
- the history of English
- English as an international language
- the way you learn a foreign language

8. The UK and London

- geographical outlook
- political outlook
- London
- places  you’d like to visit in the UK

9. The USA and Washington, DC

- geographical outlook
- political outlook
- Washington, DC
- places  you’d like to visit in the USA

10. The Russian Federation and Moscow

- geographical outlook
- political outlook
- Moscow
- places  you’d like to visit in Russia

11. Home town (Saint-Petersburg)

- geographical outlook
- Historical outlook
- places to visit and to spend a good time
- the place where you live

12. Holidays and Traditions

- holidays around the world
- British and American holidays and traditions
- Russian holidays and traditions
- Your favourite holidays and family traditions

13. Outstanding people

- what outstanding  people are
- outstanding people of Russia
- outstanding people of the UK/USA
- what features of character are necessary to become outstanding

14. Travelling

- why people travel
- ways of travelling
- how to be prepared for a trip
- your favourite way of travelling

15. Environment

- Ecological problems nowadays
- types of pollution
- Environmental organizations (Greenpeace and Wild World Fund)
- what we should do to protect our planet

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