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ГИА (4)

My favourite subject is Literature

Last year Sally 1)        a competition in a bookshop. She had                                              WIN
to guess the number of words in one of the books. The book was very long, and
she decided that the answer was about ten thousand words. A few days later
Sally got a letter from the bookshop. It  said, 'Well done! You have guessed the
correct number of 2 )                in our competition. Would you like to                               WORD
come to the bookshop to get a present?' Sally felt very happy, and the next
day she went to the bookshop again. There 3)         a lot of people                                     BE
there, and just when she came, a famous poet 4)      the shop.                                             VISIT
He gave a book to Sally and said, 'This is for you. It's a book about love that I
just 5)                 ' Sally thanked him  and said, 'It's really exciting. My                            WRITE
favourite subject is Literature and  6)      of all I enjoy reading                                          MUCH
poems about love and nature.' Then she asked the poet to sign his name on
the cover, because she wanted to show the present to all her friends at school.
It was the 7)     day in her life!                                                                                           HAPPY


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