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Choosing a profession

Choosing a profession.
Whatever the country, at 15 or 16 young people have to make a choice. There are several options. They can stay on at school for two more years and their good final exam results make it possible for pupils to go on to further further education. They can go to a college or a vocational school as well. There young people can study for a vocational diploma. Not many young people go straight out to look for a job after school.
Usually at 15 or 16 young people have a plan for a career, they know what to do after leaving school. Choosing your future profession or a trade is a difficult choice but a very important one. Many young people are inclined to choose a " popular" profession and they are sure this is just what they want. Choosing an occupation takes time and there are a lot of things you have to consider. Different jobs require different personal qualities.  You should consider what you are good at, whether you have a calling for something particular. You should decide whether you want to deal with people,animals or machines. To be successful when you deal with people means to be communicative well- wishing, sympathetic and capable of deep feelings and empathy. Such jobs as an  accountants, economist, programmer need accuracy, patience, self-discipline  and concentration.  If you have an inclination for activities based on artistic imagination, you should be capable of creative work, have to have a fine artistic taste and a developed sense of aesthetic, have graphic and image bearing thinking.
And the last but not the least is that you should think of the situation on the job market, you must be sure that the job you have chosen is in demand and you'll be able to gain employment.
As for me, I want to be a ........... This job is to .......and to ........ It's a very demanding job. A........ has to be .......... But some personal qualities are also very important. You should be....... because ......... The job involves .........., so such quality as .............is needed (important).

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