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 A Powerful King

Once there (rule)1 a powerful king over the island of Samos. He was rich and prosperous, and at last his prosperity (rise)2 to such a height that he (begin)3 to be afraid that the gods (can)4 (be)5 jealous of his happiness. So, some messengers (send)6 to consult an oracle in another country. They (tell)7 (bring)8 the answer as soon as they (get)9 it. When they (reach) the oracle they (receive)11 the answer: "(Tell)12 the King that if he (want)13 to escape the anger of the Gods, he (must)14 (throw)15 into the sea the thing which he (think)16 to be the dearest of all his possessions." The messengers returned and the King (tell)17 what the oracle (say).18 The King therefore (take)19 a boat and (go)20 out to sea, and (throw)21 away a ring which he (value)22 greatly because it (give)23 to him by his late wife. That night he (think)24 over what he (do)25 that day and wondered if the gods (keep)26 him safe from harm. When he (wake)27 up in the morning he (sit)28 down to breakfast. Imagine his surprise when he (open)29 a fish that (prepare)30 for him and (see) the ring he (throw)32 away the day before! A fisherman (catch)33 the fish that morning and (bring)34 it to the palace, not knowing what (be)35 inside it. The king then (understand)38 that the gods (refuse)37 his sacrifice. He soon (begin)38 to lose his power and (die)39 in great misery. This story is a warning to us not to flatter ourselves that our happiness (be)40 enduring, unless we (depend)41 more upon ourselves than upon what we (have).

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