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ГИА (1)(словообразование)

Aesop and the Traveller
Aesop was a very 1) ______________                                                   SMARTLY
man who lived hundreds of years ago in
Greece. He wrote many 2)_______________                                          WONDER
stories. He was also 3)  ______________             well-known               WIDE
as a man who was fond of jokes.
One day, as he was walking, he met a
traveller, who greeted him and said,
'Kind man, can you say how soon I shall
get to town?'
'Go,' Aesop answered. 'I know I must
go,' protested the traveller, 'but I would
like you to tell me how 4) ________________I                                       QUICK
shall get to town.'
'Go,' Aesop said again 5) ____________________________                 ANGRY
'This man must be mad,' the traveler
thought and went on.
After he had gone some 6) ______________________________            DISTANT
Aesop shouted loudly after him. 'You
will get to town in two hours.' The
traveller turned round in 7) _______________________________         AMAZE
'Why didn't you tell me that before?' he
asked. 'How could I have told that
before?' answered Aesop. 'I did not
know how fast you could walk.'

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