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ГИА (2)(словообразование)

Matryoshka dolls
It may seem strange, but Matryoshka
dolls are a 1)________________________ (относительно)           RELATIVE
new phenomenon. They appeared in
1899 in the town of Sergiev Posad. The
2)______________________ idea was brought to Russia                WONDER
from Japan by merchants (купцы).
But village artists adopted them very
3_________________________) and made them into a                   QUICK
great variety of shapes. They were designed
as toys for children of 4)______________________________        DIFFER
Some dolls depicted families in
5)__________________________ costumes, later they became      NATION
characters from various tales and
novels, political figures, animals.
Matryoshka is a beautiful 6)_____________________________     RUSSIA
souvenir. This 7) __________________________doll decorates     WOOD
any place. You can see lots of them in the
Toy Museum in Sergiev Posad and also
buy them in shops.

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