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What's his life worth? (Сколько стоит его жизнь?)

Robert Burns loved people and wrote about 1) .
One day when he 2) _______________near the sea, he heard
a cry for help. He ran 3)_______________________ that place. At
that time a sailor jumped off a boat and began to swim towards
the man 4) _____________________was calling for help and
saved him. The man who 5)____________ was a rich merchant
(купец). When he came to himself he thanked the
brave sailor and gave him a shilling (англ.серебряная моне-
та). By this time 6)_________________ people were standing
round them. They called the sailor a hero and protested
7) _________________when the rich man gave him only a shilling.
But Burns stopped them and said, 'Don't cry! The gentleman
knows better of course what his life is worth.'
1.    1  a)Them                  b)they                    c) their               d)theirs
2.    2  a)walks                  b) is walking           c)walked            d) was walking
3.     3 a)on                        b)to                        c)at                     d) in
4.    4  a) who                   b)which                    c) what              d)whom
5.     5 a) saved                 b)was saved             c) saves              d) is saved
6.    6 a) much                 b) few                     c)  little                 d)many
7.      7a)loudest               b) louder                 c)loudly               d) loud

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