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ГИА (1)(выбор)

I'm a writer!

Many people think that they can write stories. They
1)______________like to be writers. They write stories and
send them to magazines. When the magazines don't want to
publish their stories, 2)_________________ people become
A lady once wrote a long story. She sent it to a famous editor
(редактор). After 3) _________weeks the story was returned
to her. The lady was angry. She wrote 4)
the editor:
'Dear Sir, yesterday you sent back my story. How do you
know that the story is not good? You 5) ___________not
read it. Before I sent you the story, I had pasted (склеивать)
together pages 18, 19 and 20. This was 6)______________
test to see if you would read the story. When the story came
back yesterday, the pages were still pasted together. Do you
read all the stories that 7)______________ to you in such a
way (таким образом)?'
The editor wrote back: 'Dear Madam, at breakfast when I
open an egg I don't have to eat all the egg to understand that
it is bad.'
1. a) should           b) would              c) must                        d) can
2. a) these             b) this                   c) those                       d) that
3. a) a few             b) few                   c) little                         d) a little
4. a) at                   b) in                      c) —                             d) to
5. a) do                   b) did                  с) does                           d) was
6. a) an                    b) a                       c) the                           d) —
7. a) were sent       b) was sent         c) are sent                     d) send

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